Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deep Sea Diving

This week I am taking you deep sea diving! That is where I found my inspiration. The sea anemones, as graceful as Victorian ladies in silks and laces helped create the Under the Sea Collection .I found these colors to have a unique glow. They are at the same time deeply saturated but almost transparent.

I hope you will enjoy going on this under the sea adventure with me.


twellve said...

absolutely love your inspiration for colorways. beautiful and original.

annmarie said...

indeed, yours are some of the most beautiful color combinations I've ever seen in yarn dyeing.

I ordered 2 of the 'under the sea'colorways in the laceweight and can hardly wait to see them 'in person'. :)

lauren said...

hi caroline:

we met yesterday in windsor button. your yarn is absolutely stunning. i especially love your under the sea collection. just gorgeous! i have never made socks before, but i just might have to start so i can use your yarn. and if you ever have a chance to look over that tahki side to side garter stitch vest patter, i would love to hear your thoughts. have a wonderful friday!