Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. SockPixie

I had not knitted socks for Mr. SockPixie in a very, very long time. So when I thought about what I could make for Mr. SockPixie's Birthday, socks naturally came to mind.

And then I remembered that he had been blessed with size 13 feet and loved really long cuffs! What to do? He just loves is hand knit socks so much...So, I compromised. Sport weight yarn, of course! I set out to dye a special batch for him, and played with the dyes until the yellow ochre was just perfect. I kept adding drops of green and brown to the dye bath until the color was rich enough. The yarn cooked, and cooked... Once it was dyed, I could hardly wait for the yarn to dry. Isn't it amazing how things can take so long to dry?

Then came the time to think of a pattern. I knit and frogged, and knit and frogged. I wanted something textural, masculine, yet fluid. Finally I found my groove, and came up wih this zigzag rib. I cast on for 2 socks at once on one circular, and started knitting.

Half way down he cuff, I realized that I should have reversed the pattern on the second sock. I debated, and debated, and eventually decided to redo the second sock to make it a mirror image of the first. Even though reknitting the cuff did not at first make me really happy, I am now glad I did, as it really gave the socks a more fluid appearance.

When I reached the heel, I chose a textured stitch stagerring the slipped stitches. After the heel flap was finished I realized I really liked the wrong side of the heel flap. No problem, I turned the socks inside out making the wrong side of the flap the right one.
The rest is history, turning the heels, working the gussets, and all the long, long, long way...down to the toe!

Mr. SockPixie's verdict: "He loves the socks!" and so do I. I love them so much that I am writing the pattern up, and will be offering it as a free pdf pattern (the pattern will be posted either later on today, or tomorrow.) I will call them Go with the Flow.
Happy Birthday darling Mr. SockPixie!


alcatmom said...

A very happy birthday to Mr. Sock Pixie and many more!
Those socks are gorgeous! Great job!!

Monika said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Sockpixie!
The socks look fantastic, and I love the color as well. What a great process that was! Such a special gift!

Kathleen said...

I absolutely love this pattern! What a lovely gift. The colour is also just fabulous. Great work.

Wool Winder said...

That's a terrific looking pair of socks! Love them!

Sharon V said...

Happy birthday Mr.Sock Pixie! Mrs. Sock Pixie must really love you!

twellve said...

beautiful socks!

Lynn in Tucson said...

I feel for you! My husband's feet are a FOURTEEN.

He only has one pair of hand-knit socks so far but it's probably time to cast on for the next ones. I'll be adding these to the queue!

I've only just discovered your site via Whipup. It's quite lovely.

-Lynn in Tucson