Sunday, March 15, 2009

SockPixie is Growing

SockPixie, thanks to your wonderful support has been growing. It has been growing so much that there were not enough hours in the day, inspite of all the pixie dust I sprinkled, for the dyeing, the packing, the e-mailing, and the blog writing to get done. I decided it was time to add a second pixie to the team. I am so excited to welcome her to SockPixie.


I'm busy knitting said...

Great news! So, where's the pic of this new pixie?

Jodi said...

Good for you! It's nice to hear of someones business actually growing in this economy - CONGRATS!

Sharon V said...

Who is the second pixie you're adding to the SockPixie team? I feel so lost not knowing.

laurel said...

Your yarn is so beautiful. I check your blog and website every week just to see the beautiful colors.
I am interested in the process of dyeing yarn, I have no idea how it is done, and as a knitter I am curious how yarn comes about in these beautiful colors. Is there a good article I could read somewhere?