Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yuzen Washi Collection

Do you ever feel that you are attracted over and over again to a style, a color, a language, a music, a country? Well, I have been drawn by Asian inspirations lately. This week, gorgeous Yuzen Washi papers mesmerized me. The patterns and the colors gave me incredible energy to create. I worked tirelessly for hours in my studio, singing. When I love my colors, I usually start singing. Isn't that odd, that colors would link to sounds?
I am sure you can tell how much I love the Yuzen Washi Collection!

Dyeing the yarn was also particularly exciting as I was dyeing 2 new yarns for the first time, a new Vegan Sock Yarn (Cotton/Nylon elastic), and a silky Milk/Cotton yarn! Oh, all the beautiful things I will knit with them...


Delighted Hands said...

Well, these colors are singing to me-beautiful!

KnitCave said...

I have been haunted by these colours all week, they are not generally my colours but the speak to me.