Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I will start this post by wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day.
This week's SockPixie Collection has a very Mother's Day feel to it, as all the colorways were inspired by my favorite vintage hankies from the 50's, state hankies.
The colors are so fresh, they look like rays of sunshine! It was so hard to pick which ones to create, I could not stop making new colors, and I ended up with 8 luscious colorways. Here are 2 of them, California and Washington.

This week I also made a little Mother's Day gift that will go in each one of your packages, a little sewing needle case.

I had so much fun making these for you, choosing the felt colors, combining them, trimming them with pinking sheers, and most of all embroidering the little daisies.

Happy Mother's Day!


Delighted Hands said...

I have the very same hanky from WA state as I was born there in the 50's! Nice choice for inspiration!

Susan said...

Glorious colorways! I just placed my order for the whole collection, and I can hardly wait to get it.

Anonymous said...

I love your inspirations. They surprise and delight me every week.

Sandra said...

Thank you for your weekly color gifts.

Anonymous said...

I love your colors, and the little case is such a wonderful idea.