Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching Up

Tha last few days have all been about catching up. I am really happy though that I was able to take care of Kitredge. You see, about a year ago, almost week for week, we lost our cat, Miche. I swore that I would not get another cat unless one came to the door, and this is exactly what happened, Kitredge came to our door. We took him in of course. He was on his way to becoming a mature boy, when out of the blue, he decided to jump from the third floor of the house to the second right over the stairwell, and he missed, and landed on the first floor. We heard the most horrific cry, we rushed. We quickly realized that something was really wrong. I packed him in the carrier, and ran (we do not have a car, and even if we did, I would not know what to do with it as I do not know how to drive) to the Angell Animal Hospital. After x-rays were taken, the doctor confirmed that he had a broken femur. She gave us options, amputation, surgery to repair the leg, or putting him down. I stopped her immediately and told her we would opt for the surgery. The vet was absolutely wonderful, and helped me reduce the very high costs, by letting me take on a lot of the before and after surgery care.
We emptied a room completely of any furniture so that he could have a space to rest without being tempted to jump. We set him up with a comfy large cushion. We tried the cone to prevent him from chewing the stitches, and licking the Fentanyl patch, but he is a very smart cat, and could take it off in the blink of an eye. So we sat next to him, handfeeding him, and watering him.
He is much better now, and can feed himself on his own, which means that my life is back to almost normal. I have spent the last few days packing and packing and packing orders, and going to the post office.
All this also made me realize that I cannot do everything. I realize I have to use tools that can help simplify my life, like scheduling a post office pick up instead of carrying 50 packages to the post office! So from now on, I will have 2 post office pick ups every week, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. So orders received from Friday to Monday will ship on Tuesday, and orders received from Tuesday, to Thursday will ship on Friday.
Isn't it typical though, that a Mom would try to do everything?!


Rose said...

So glad that he's doing better. I think you have your priorities in perfect order. Hope you have a good weekend!

pendie said...

Caroline, no wonder you were so busy. I'm glad to hear the kittie is mending, but it sounds like you need a real vacation now to recup from all that work. Take care, Janet

Judy S. said...

So glad to hear that your kitty is on the mend! Mocha and Ginger send their best wishes. ;>)

lamazeteacher said...

I wanted to thank you for the gift which you included with my new skein of yarn. I have seen these before and was interested in them, but was probably not get around to buying a set.
I think your plan of having the post office pick up your packages for mailing is a great idea! If your post office is anything like the one I go to, standing on line is a prerequisite for mailing anything. With 50 parcels, OY!

Sharon V said...

Thank goodness Kitredge is doing fine now. I hope he learns his limitations - as in: kitties cannot fly!

Having the post office pick up your packages is the best case scenario. Especially since it's not like packaging orders is your ONLY job.

Mrs Quilty said...

Your story about Kitredgee is heart rendering!! You are so wonderful to take care of him and get him through the worst part!!! Bless you!!! You are such a busy lady and anything to make things easier is the order of the day!!! Your pics of your yarn is gorgeous!