Sunday, July 12, 2009

How about an Orchid Garden?

Mr. SockPixie brought me a beautiful orchid this week, and it made me so happy that the orchid beame my inspiration for an imaginary orchid garden.
I decided to include a soft buttery yellow core to all my colorways to illuminate them, and to have a dominant color radiate from from that core gradually intensifying.
Dyeing the yarn was great fun, as I marveled at the interaction of the core yellow and the dominant tone.
Here is a little sample of the Orchid Collection.
A plumelicious Plum Orchid!

Here is it roving version (yes roving is back!)

Have a great Sunday!


Ms Avery said...

*sigh* The Cranberry Orchid is so lovely...

Anonymous said...

Delicious plum! It is so nice to have you back, and I am glad your cat is feeling better.