Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dare to live in color

I just love color to the point that even my home has become the stage for my "colorplay". Lately, maybe because of fall, I have been in the mood for reds, pinks and oranges, so once again the house has morphed! The funny thing is that each time the house goes through a color metamorphosis, my family doesn't even seem surprised. The family leaves a blue house in the morning, to come back to a passionate red one at night. One day I asked my husband and children, how come you are never surprised or even upset that I changed everything again. My oldest daughter said:" Mom, you make us so happy, we love that you bring so much color and joy in our life!"

Don't tell the family, but I see great new colors for the kitchen!


B said...

love the chair

kaykatrn said...

I love your table and chairs. I am thinking that my kitchen table need s little color. Oh, goodness--another project!