Monday, January 25, 2010

Plying Brings Me One Step Closer to Knitting

I just finished plying the first skein of the red Shetland roving for the Floral Vest. I chose a simple worsted 2 ply .

I think the color is even more striking in its final form, the heathery tones just glow.

Knitting the vest is going to be pure bliss!


Anonymous said...

The color is absolutely glorious!

Anonymous said...

It is gorgeous. But I miss your yarn offerings. Have you left that business? I always loved your work ... watched avidly for your Sunday colors and purchased from time to time. Have you given that up??

SockPixie said...


Thanks for your lovely comment. I am not dyeing yarn at the moment...I have not given it up though...Let's just say that I am on an extended leave.


Nathalie said...


Monika said...

I've never liked red until now! I really want to spin red fiber just like yours!It looks fantastic!