Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Handspun Shrug for Little Miss SockPixie

Remember a few weeks ago, I spun this beautiful yarn from some stunning Wensleydale, and beautifully muted lavender Merino.

I wrote a post about it, but was unsure what I would do with it. I weighed the skeins and had a total of 4.7 ounces... The skeins sat next to me for a few days. I balled the first one... I knit a gauge... Yum...Just delicious...So soft... A soft shrug for little Miss SockPixie...

I started at the neck with garter stitch, increased with yarn overs at the raglan sleeves, keeping a neat garter stitch edge, when done with my increases I put the sleeves on hold, and finished the body. I knit till I thought I had just enough yarn left for the sleeves.

I knit a couple rows for the sleeves, and a garter stitch edge. I added the buttons, and actually turned them wrong side up as the wrong side seemed to match the colors of the shrug perfectly.

Little Miss SockPixie of course knew the whole time that the shrug would be for her for Christmas, but pretended to believe me when I told her it was for Valentine the Chihuahua!

She loves it!


Anonymous said...

Tres beau!!
The Shrug and your daughter.
She has an angel face!

Rose said...

That is gorgeous! She looks lovely in it; the colors are so good on her.

Rachel said...

Absolutely adorable!! She looks like a mini Keira Knightly! Stunning, well done on all fronts! =)

Sharon V said...

How beautiful! Both your daughter and the shrug. Now I wish I had a little girl to knit for.

Monika said...

That's just so very cute! I loved the yarn, and I like the shrug. Too bad she'll grow out of it so soon.

Colleen said...

Don't you just love close ups of kids' perfect skin? Lovely shrug and girl!

Dag said...

I'm just cruising your archives, enjoying your beautiful work...!
The shrug is beautiful! Makes me want to make something similar. The raglan is perfect.
She looks so content!! Beautiful daughter!
Thank you also for the free retro cardi pattern for the American Doll, I just printed it!