Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Romney Mitered Mittens

The Romney Mitts are finished and already claimed by little Miss SockPixie! I know that they will be well used and appreciated here in Boston.

To recap,I spun the light worsted 2 ply yarn from a natural silver colored Romney roving. The spinning was done from the fold using a short forward draw on my Louet Victoria spinning wheel.

I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's Mitered Mittens from her great little book the Knitter's Almanac.

The miters are a wonderful way to make really simple mittens look very attractive. Knitting the miters takes no more concentration than back and forth knitting. EZ's mittens are the perfect, relaxed, quick winter project!

I knit the mittens thumbless, following Elizabeth Zimmerman's advice, and inspired by her "unvention" did the thumb trick .(Follow the link to find pictures of the thumb trick process.)

Now I just need to knit a pair for myself so that I may take part in my family's snow ball fights!


Anonymous said...

I love these mittens. I have made so many of them, but never spun the yarn for them. Something new to try!

Nathalie said...

You deserve a pair of mittens for yourself and some play time! Great work!

Sharon V said...

You did a wonderful job, and from the pictures with the snow, you did the mittens right on time!