Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I bring you Shetland! The Shetland fiber is the second fiber I decided to spin after reading the great book In Sheep's Clothing.
I picked the most luscious, richest, sensuous chocolate color that Shetland sheep come in.

Isn't nature amazing? As a color lover, I am simply in awe...

I spun the beautiful roving over the fold into singles, and then plied two singles to create a light worsted weight, which I think has become my favorite weight.
I love the density of the Shetland fiber. Shetland has more body than Romney, less crimp, and therefore seems to be less fluffy, and a little rounder. I find it easy to spin, fluid is a word that comes to mind.

I was holding the yarn in my hands, pondering what I should knit, when Mr. SockPixie said: "Hum, nice, I would like socks..." One quick smile was enough to convince me...I grabbed my Us 5 dpts and took my new yarn to knit night. In my bag was some leftover Romney from the mittens, so I decided to stripes the socks. Mr. SockPixie deserves a little whimsy!

This is the progress I made at knit night, and during homeschooling today. If I can finish the sock tonight I might be able to reclaim the needles to do EZ's thumb trick on the mittens. Wouldn't some mitten surgery make a fun post!


Monika said...

Oh, lucky Mr. Sockpixie! I LOVE Shetland fiber!

Anonymous said...

You always create such beauty!
Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

I have the same sheep book and I love your idea and spinning through as many breeds as possible. So fun to watch!

Sharon V said...

I'm sure Mr. Sock Pixie will love his new, warm socks! Lucky him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. SockPixie is a lucky man, if all he has to do to get a pair of handspun, handknit socks is smile!