Monday, February 15, 2010

The American Girl Doll Sweater: Photo Time!

I am putting the final touches on the pattern making sure that it is as clear as possible and typo free. Mr. SockPixie is doing the editing for me and Miss SockPixie is re-reading it. Three pairs of eyes are always better than one!

For the time being, I want to share the pictures with you.

To model the sweaters, I chose Kit and Emily. Kit is wearing the coral red sweater knit with the KnitPicks Palette, and Emily is wearing the green sweater knit in the Jamieson's Spindrift.

I am, as you know, fond of buttons, and here they are glowing like little jewels on the clean folded buttonband.

The bottom edges are a simple rib.

The shoulders are attached with a 3 needle bind off, and the sleeves set in.

I am not promising the pattern will be ready tomorrow, but I am hoping... I can't wait to share this pattern with you!


A said...

So very beautiful!

Monika said...

Both are just lovely! I wish I had a doll like that, I would knit her a sweater too. :o)

all4dolls said...

I can't wait to make this!

Janette Millbom said...

They look adorable. Perhaps this will be a pattern that will bring my grandmother to use English patterns =) (us younger Swedish knitters find English patterns clear and pedagogical compared to many Swedish ones...) my granny loves to knit for dolls.

Thank you for charing your inspirations, projects and patterns!


Nathalie said...

These are the prettiest doll sweaters I have ever seen! I am looking forward to knitting them.

Auntea said...

The sweaters are absolutely gorgeous. A friends daughter has one of these dolls and I can't wait til the pattern comes out and I can make one for her. She will love it. My own granddaughter are a little too young for this yet, but just think, I'll have the pattern all practiced up for when they need them for their dollies. Thanks for the great job!

Sharon V said...

The sweaters are so lovely! I'm wondering if they'll make good preemie sweaters. I can't wait to see.

Sassy470 said...

Hi Caroline,
I have really enjoyed knitting this pattern so far and am super excited to give it to my daughter for Christmas, but I am having the same issue as the other two knitters who posted on your blog. The left front directions didn't have you bind off as much as the right and if I continue to follow the directions I will bind off into the cable. Please help.