Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Progress on the American Girl Doll Sweater

I started reknitting the American Girl Doll Sweater today using Jamieson's Spindrift in the Moorgrass colorway.

So far, everything is progressing beautifully. The colors are scrumptious, and the pattern looks so beautiful in this yarn.

I have reworked the pattern for the main body of the sweater so that it is knit in one piece (except for the sleeves.) No seams at the sides means a little less bulk under the arms, and of course a little less finishing. I am also going to replace the shoulder seams with a 3 needle bind off for a nice clean look.

The work on the Pam Allen's Indian Floral Vest was halted for the day. I always feel odd working on 2 projects at once. I feel guilty half the time and even find myself worrying that one project will become jealous of the other! Do you ever feel that way?


Anonymous said...

Your doll sweater is looking great. I tend to knit many projects at once. One big happy family!

Cathie Jones said...

I usually have at least 3 projects going at once, but I'm trying to stop doing that. Prioritizing is a headache. And, yes, there's guilt! ;-)

A said...

The color is so beautiful. I love the texture that Jamieson's Spindrift has.

I know what you mean about projects being jealous of eachother. I tend to wonder if my needlepoint project is jealous of my spinning project.

Sharon V said...

It's a great idea to make the sweater seamless. In adult sweaters it cuts down on bulk and the sweaters lay nicely.

As for my projects getting jealous of each other, I don't think they do. However, my guilt gets to me. The whole time I'm working on project #2 I'm thinking I should really be working on project #1.