Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Very Berry Colorways are Ready!

SockPixie's Very Berry colorways are ready. I have just uploaded them on the website.

These colorways just glow, they are so luscious you could eat them!

I hope you will enjoy your visit to my Very Berry garden.


Nathalie said...


toni in florida said...

So beautiful! I don't know which I love the most. Truly spectacular.

Sharon V said...

The colors are so beautiful! Oh, the temptation!

Kim said...

I bought the last skein of Myrtille and just received it today. It's absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to have to make sure I choose a pattern that really shows it off - I can't wait.

SockPixie said...

Thank you all! Kim how about the Brandywine Shawl by Romi. I just finished knitting it and loved it. The Myrtille colorway would be great for it.

Happy knitting!