Saturday, April 24, 2010

Off to Paris

All right, I am off to France. I will tell you everything about my trip when I come back. Have a great week!


Rose said...

Hope you have a blast, know you will, and can't wait for the photos!!

Sharon V said...

Safe and pleasant travels! Enjoy!

G said...

I hope that you have a wonderful trip and that the volcano that cannot be pronounced is quiet for you. When you return, I need a bit a help, if you would be so kind. I am making the Ostrich Fantasy socks and cannot figure out how to continue the pattern on the 41 instep stitches. For some reason the pattern is just not working out. I am using magic loop, if that makes any difference, but it shouldn't. Also, I found a wee mistake in the pattern under the heel turning section. The P1 after P2tog is missing. Thanks. I look forward to learning how continue with these socks.