Friday, January 1, 2010

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Leona said...

call the kerchief "la femme rouge"...
slightly mysterious, will sell a lot of patterns. Auntie kay

lal5510 said...

Hi, SockPixie! I love the beautiful kippah you posted with the lace edge. I am about to become a grandmother and would like to try your pattern for our grandson's b'rit. Do you think it is possible to omit the lace portion altogether and end up with an infant size? If so, how many stitches would I cast on to begin, say, at the Double Garter rows? I guess I am asking how many stitches do I delete from the original 120? It's so attractive, I might even make a matching man-sized one for my son! Thank you for your help, Leslie Levy P.S. Happy almost-birthday to Little Miss SockPixie; the dollhouse is amazing!

SockPixie said...

Hi lal15510,

Thank you for your comment. To answer your question, you could start after the lace edging. I would cast on 100 stitches only. Do 4 rounds garter stitch and just proceed with the decreases as written in the pattern.

Happy knitting,and congartualtions on becoming a grandmother!

Sara Hulse said...

I'm struggling with the baby slipper pattern in terms of picking up the stitches and knitting in the round - can you explain it a bit more? Is it done on a set of four double-pointed needles?