Monday, June 28, 2010


This morning, I forced myself to walk to downtown Jamaica Plain to the post office and to the paint store, because I really had to. The heat has been incredible today. It is sit and sweat weather.

I reached downtown JP, soaking wet. After I was done with my errands, I stopped by Goodwill and and was about to leave the store when tucked in a corner I saw something ...
I walked over, drawn by the lovely jadite color, knowing full well, that once I got close there would be no turning back, I would have to buy this gorgeous vintage Singer Sewing machine with its cute little table.

I got closer, gently touched the 1958 Singer 185J , and looked for the price sticker, hoping it would not be too expensive. You see, it would be difficult for me to justify buying yet another sewing machine. I am not a collector really, but I happen to have 2 Victorian sewing machines in their gorgeous tables, one of them a Singer in mint condition, then a vintage Necchi in its table as well, a modern Brother, and a modern Janome. I did not really look for them, I just happened to find them on the street, sitting there all lonely, or at a garage sale. The Janome is the only one I really ever bought, until today...

I made up my mind, marched to the counter, debit card in hand, ready to scream, "I saw it first"! I paid, and picked up the machine.

It did not matter to me that it was swelteringly hot ouside, that I would have to carry this piece of furniture all the way home, walking, for about 20 minutes.

Now something amazing happened, which convinces me that this was all meant to be. As I was carrying the sewing machine, a gentleman asked me if I needed help. I told him I had to walk for about 20 minutes, but  he said he was on his lunch break, and would help me. He carried it to the cross street nearest to my home. He talked gracefully all the way, inspite of the heat, and inspite of the heavy table. In the process, he said he was a  software engineer, so I told him my husband ( also a tech guy) and I  would take him out for lunch to thank him.

I have carried lots of very heavy and awkward pieces of furniture in my life ( not knowing how to drive), but nobody has ever offered to help. In my eyes, this was a sign that buying the machine was the right thing to do since the heavens smiled on me.

The other thing I have not told you is that we have been thinking about moving to a 1950s house in Natick. Should I read finding a 1950's sewing machine as a sign? When I told Mr SockPixie about the adventure, he said " Next, you are going to tell me that we need a house to match the syle of the sewing machine!" I think he knows me too well!


A said...

I love the new look of your blog! The colors are wonderful and so refreshing.

I most certainly understand your love of sewing machines. Sewing machines are fascinating, combining a utilitarian function and aesthetics! What a lovely gentleman to have helped you!

Bailey said...

I have never been able to master the mechanics of sewing machines, but was pleased that Mom has recently renewed her love of sewing. My brother bought her a new one for her birthday and she has been cranking out doll clothes for the grandkids.

Tell Mr. SockPixie there are plenty of home styles to match your sewing machines in Natick. You will have a wide choice of years to match your various machine years.

Susan said...

What a lovely adventure for today. I love stories. Thank you for sharing.

Sharon V said...

Don't you just love it when the shopping gods pick things out for you? I know I'd rather my 'finds' find me.

Good luck with your new sewing machine.

Monika said...

What a lovely story!

maya | springtree road said...

i'm positive that i would've had to buy it too. it's just beautiful!