Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Countdown: 6 Days Left!

I made slow progress on the dollhouse today. I spent the whole day working on the sofa. I decided I would create a permanent padded upholstery for it. I picked a glorious piece of satin from my basket of odds and ends.

I had to do it over and over again. Each time I thought I had it, I would discover a big stain of glue in the wrong place, or the fabric would slip, or I would try to stretch it before the glue was fully cured... I got to practice all my French swear words!

Quite glamorous... I mean the sofa, not the swear words! I wanted to play with the textures, satin, wood and fresh water pearls... and of course the fur throw.

I think Little Miss SockPixie's new Barbie looks fabulous on it... It was all worth it. I just hope Little Miss SockPixie did not memorize all the swear words!


Diane said...

OH - I had that Barbie when they first came out. My mom bought my sister and me the first Ken dolls when they came out too. (My sister had the one with blonde hair.) The dollhouse sounds wonderful and fun to work on - even as you work out the kinks :-)

Susan said...

Looking great so far! Have much confidence in you and the family crew. I once made a beauty salon for a project in my 12th grade of high school. My imagination helped me get an A+ on the project. I'm giving you an A+ so far!! LOL