Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Never Too Hot to Finish a Quilt

Last week I finished tying the quilt I had started a year ago. Today,inspite of the heat, I finished the binding. For the first time since the day I picked the fabrics, I got to see the quilt sitting on my bed. It looks excatly like I imagined it would.

The fabric that got me started was the central balck and red floral. I chose everything else with it in mind. I even placed it in the center of the quilt. All the fabrics in the quilt have either black, or red, with of course white. To avoid monotony, I picked some with yellow, but only in the small prints.  I looked everywhere for the perfect fabrics. Most of them come from Winmill Fabrics (111 Chauncy Street Boston, MA 02111-1796 ), some from the Cambridge Quilt Shop. One of the fabrics used to be a tablecloth originally. I love the contrast in the size of the prints, I am so happy with the simple geometric construction.

I am really fond of the little yarn ties, they seem to add a touch of surprise with their whimsical, almost rustic spirit. Such a contrast with the almost austere, measured feel of the quilt top.

I am not the only one loving  the new quilt. My old friend here seems quite comfortable, his eyes begging to be allowed to take his daily naps on the quilt. Who could resist those eyes!

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Rose said...

Love the quilt; great idea using yarn to tye too!

Diane said...

Your quilt is wonderful. It has a very nice vintage look to it - which, to me, is like a fabric version of comfort food. It's always nice when you find the right fabrics that "speak to you" and reflect a part of you. Congrats on finishing a bed size quilt. Gee, I get excited finishing a lap size or crib size one :-) I hope you signed and dated the back. You can get permanent quilt pens in fabric stores. Your "puppy" has great taste!!!

Auntea said...

Your quilt is absolutely lovey and I know you will enjoy it for many years to come. What satisfaction to finish such a wonderful project.

Audrey said...

You did such a beautiful job of the quilt! I love it! I don't think I could say no to your dog's big black eyes either :)

SockPixie said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.