Friday, July 9, 2010


This morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I looked at my spools of singles. Sorry, Mr. SockPixie, but a spinner has her priorities. I am after all involved in a serious competition, the Tour de Fleece!

I may have been a little too openly passionate about my spinning, though. When Mr. SockPixie came to our room to give me a goob-bye kiss, he found sitting on his pillow, next to me, the spools of handspun... He took it with a smile, but I am sure he will be teasing me about this for quite a while!

Back to the Tour de Fleece. A racer cannot let their personal life interfere! As soon as Mr. SockPixie was gone, I started plying. I decided on an early start to try and take advantage of the relative coolness of the early morning. I "pedaled" hard, and got a great early morning workout.

The yarn is plied. I have 2 glorious skeins to show for it. Soft, squishy, sport weight sock yarn... My own personal "maillot jaune".

Mr. SockPixie may have yet another reason to tease me tomorrow!

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Dag said...


Tracey said...

Beautiful, beautiful skeins. I found you through BronxKnitter (ms. Sharon V herself) whom I work with. You have officially been added to my bookmarks under "knitting". congratulations and keep on pedaling!

Rumi said...

Beautiful yarn! Love the colors!

Monika said...

Oh wow- that looks awesome!

queenie said...