Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monet Rovings

There is nothing like the subtle colors of Monet. I felt better yesterday, and worked on some rovings inspired by my favorite paintings of his. I dyed these rovings in a 2 step process, first applying a base color, and then using Shibori techniques, overdyed them, thus leaving some of the original colors visible.  I love the results. They are subtle, and share the watery quality of Monet's paintings.

I jus added them to my Etsy Store and hope you will enjoy them!


emerson-j said...

heya, just excited to find out about eves mission...nice wool too! i really like ur crochet pillow did u use a pattern or just keep working in the round?

SockPixie said...

Hi emerso-j,

For the pillow, I made up my own pattern. Chain 5. Join. hdc 10 in loop. Next round, 2 hdc in each hdc. Then keep spacing the increases further and further apart.


Rumi said...

Glad you are feeling better.
I also love the colors of your roving, very soothing.

SockPixie said...

Thanks Rumi!