Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Dress for Betsy

I started my Sunday full of good intensions. I was determined to finish my knitting project, but with each stitch, I found myself thinking more and more about a new dress I could make for Betsy. After a few rows, I gave up, put the knitting away, and fetched the fabrics that had triggered my dress reverie.

I had a piece of black cotton cloth, a piece of black fabric with miniature cherries on it, a little piece of black lace, and a piece of black ribbon.

The resut, a black dress with a little cherry apron on top. Betsy is also sporting a new hair color for the occasion, a rich auburn brown!

I used the lace at the neck, at the shoulders and at the hem of the simple black dress.

I really like the simple black dress. Though black is not a very Betsy color, I like the fact that it seems to bring another side of her personality forward. Maybe she reminds me of the little French children dressed like miniature adults, looking so serious and spotlessly clean in the playgrounds of the Jardin du Ranelagh. She reminds me of Sophie, a girl whose imaginary adventures and misfortunes were told by the Comtesse de Segur.

I have been dreaming of creating a world for her, something French, and slightly old-fashioned, A world in which like Sophie, she would have a beautiful wax doll she would forget in the sun...

There I go again, off on another reverie!


Diane said...

Betsy's SO cute in her new dress. I love the style of it. Now how on earth did you color her hair - that's very pretty on her too! Are you designing these patterns or did you purchase a book of patterns. They're all wonderful. (If only I had Betsy's youthful figure to wear something that wonderful)

Susan said...

Very pretty!

SockPixie said...

Dear Diane,

I did not color her hair. I changed her wig! As far as the clothing is concerned, I am not using patterns. I am inventing the outfits, and fitting them to her.
I do not have her figure either, but I find that dresses are always wnderful to wear. I have worn only dresses and skirts for the last few years, and love to design them and sew them.

Thank you for your comment, and have a good day!


SockPixie said...

Thanks Susan!