Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcoming the New Year

The last couple days were busy with holiday preparations for Rosh Hashanah . The children and I cleaned the house, preparing it for our New Year celebration with my parents.

I started Citron last year, and finished it today in the new year. I like the metaphorical bridge it represents tying one year to the other, bringing the promise of continuity, and at same time new beginnings.

I know this is ascribing a lot of meaning to a little shawl, but to me knitting is magical, kind of like life, a succession of individual knots which after hard work, and a lot of enjoyment become a whole.

The shawl turned out beautifully. I am so fond of its ruffled edge.

I love its simple yet striking geometry.

Thank you Hilary Smith Callis for your wonderful Citron Shawl pattern!


Diane said...

שנה טובה l'shanah tova! That Citron pattern is appealing to me the more I see it on different blogs. I will have to print out that pattern and put it in my to knit list.

A said...

The shawl looks beautiful!

Shana Tova!

Rumi said...

Your shawl is lovely! Just in time for cool weather.

SockPixie said...

Thanks to the 3 of you!

SockPixie said...
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Monika said...

I've seen it many times, and depending on the yarn used it looks a little different every time. I like how you photographed it to it's advantage. Love the ruffles too.