Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Furry Baby!

Every Monday, the boys and I host an animation group for teens at our house. Yesterday, one of the mothers brought 2 little rescue kittens with her, wondering if someone wanted one of them.
My motherly instinct kicked in right away, and so within minutes "Mittens" became our baby.

Welcome home Mittens!


April Cottage Ramblings said...

Such a cutie. I'm sure Mittens will give lots of love and joy in exchange for cuddles.

KarenJ said...

Hmm. Look at those eyes! Could be Mittens is closely connected to the idea of Betsy Macall in the previous post!


Kathy said...

HAHAHAHA they sure wrap around our hearts! we have 3. 17 year old fiona, 14 year old Rozzie,and 9 year old (deaf from birth) Radar

Kathy said...

That is an ADORABLE little kitty. I have some note cards that have pictures of a kitten who looks identical to yours. The little "M" above the eyes, the dark little nose, the perfect face with big eyes. She could be a 'model', your new kitten! You are a lucky family and Mittens is lucky to have found YOU. :)