Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pretty Granny

I took a little break from my gardening projects this weekend to take pictures of the little adorable granny squares I have been crocheting.

They are possibly the simplest pattern you could think of for a granny square. Just 3 sectins per square. I have been using only 5 colors from Brown ship cotton fleece. I have been debating adding other colors but each time I try, I return to my 2 original squares, one with a red center, coral and oatmeal, and the other with a turquoise, a light celadon and oatmeal.

Notice the lovely crochet hook I am using? I just bought a Clover Amour hook, and it is truly love at first stitch! This hook is so comfortable, it makes crocheting a breeze. I find myself crocheting for hours without my hand getting tired. I also really love the colors of the hooks.

The squares are destined to become a throw for my room. Maybe, it will be ready for winter! It would make me so happy to sit in my room, warm, and cheered by the flowery, summery colors.


A. said...

Stunning colors! I'm not sure you need any other colors. These are so beautiful together!

Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer said...

Thank you A.! I know, the colors. I keep looking at them thinking surely, I could add colors, and then say no, I am just happy with them the way they are.
Happy crafting!