Monday, March 12, 2007

The kitchen... I absolutely love it! It is not quite finished, one more dreadful cabinet door to paint, and the trim to finish and it will be done. How did I do it so fast? I will answer with another question? What do you do when you hate painting the doors? YOU REMOVE THEM!!! Ah, ah! That's what they call the "system D" in France. I sewed some curtains to create storage areas, and bought jars to store the goods in the shelves. Here are a few pictures, but please ignore the open electrical boxes, that's next on my list.
Now why the bread box picture? This morning as soon as my favorite little pixie walked in the kitchen to ask for her breakfast, she looked at the strange object, and said, pointing, " What's that, Mom?" I responded it was a breadbox, and slid the lid open to reveal the golden bread inside. She immediately said: "I want toast!" Her enthusiasm made me realize that bread in a plastic bag, or cereal in a cardboard box, does not do the food justice. It made such a difference in the kitchen. The grains, cereals, beans, cookies, spices and teas, all seem to sit proudly on their shelves, warming the kitchen with their golden tones. Food is as much a pleasure for the eyes as it is for the mouth. You know, when I think about it, I transformed the kitchen into a yarn store!

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