Friday, March 9, 2007

Am I Obsessed?

Yesterday, I told you I was painting the kitchen cabinets in a color called wedgewood gray. Each time I looked at the lovely color, I would exclaim, how new, and fresh for the house, I don't think I have ever picked a color like that. I was so proud to show how innovative I had been to my husband when he came home from work. He looked at the color, smiled, opened the dishwasher, and out of it came a lovely wedgewood gray cup! He then walked to my knitting basket, and pulled up two very wedgewood gray balls of yarn! He went upstairs, to our bedroom, and brought back a pillow case in wedgewood grey... What can I say, I did not even realize I was obsessed!


drmimi said...

Thank goodness I get my color thing out in my knitting! Otherwise my walls would be bright yellow, orange and red. In fact when I was a child and teen, my room had "real green" walls with fluorescent orange book shelves mounted to one wall of the room.

Red is my favorite color for clothing. I like purple for earrings and other jewelry.

Kitchen and bathrooms-- looking more for the tones in nature- soft browns (not that iccky 90's oak stuff) and greens with a touch of blue ( closer to the ocean). I live in a townhouse built in 1994. Trying to move out of that design aesthetic, back to something more like my old house in Modesto (built in 1938 with the original thick plaster walls, hardwood floors 24 windows and about a 1/4 acre lot). My eye is happier with Arts and Crafts, Bauhaus and Frank Lloyd Wright vibes (mixed of course with a liberal amount of African and Japanese styles). The goal is to tame the clutter and continue to cope with living in 1300 sq feet instead of the Modesto 2300 sq feet with a 1400 square foot office).

Jumping off into sockateer mode. Due to an extraordinarily yuckky work week and specialness with my son, I splurged. While my son was taking his djembe drumming class in Santa Rosa, I wandered over to the Yarn store in Coddington Mall. Two balls of sock yarn, new small needles and a special give away bag from the store, I felt like I had arrived. The store also has incredible supplies for quilting.
It is bigger than the old Philato, but the staff is just as friendly.
I am still able to just say know to that special store on the Blvd in Petaluma.

I have cotton yarn and bamboo yarn that I know will be nice socks. I'll start with the thick cotton yarn first.

I had a moment... fleeting... about open a fiber design store/studio. Something that would incorporate all my interests in working with fibers. I have a friend who is helping me venture into knitting with found objects and wire. The possibilities are endless.

Beats the emotional eating...



CDH said...

Dear Mimi,

Your writing style reminds me so much of our conversations at the store. But first things first, you are making socks, Hurrah! The people at the Coddington mall will do a great job helping you with your socks. I recommend a great book if you need one, Lucy Neatby's sock book, the exact title of which escapes me. Have fun, my dear friend.