Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Spring Makeover

The spring makeover is well under way. I decided to put the final touch on the kitchen first however. The kitchen is lovely as it is, my husband would probably say, but to me there is something dreary about the honey cabinetry and the brownish walls. Solution? Paint. It took three coats on the walls after primer, for the linen white to cover the brown. Lovely wedgewood grey paint was chosen for the cabinets, that is 2 coats of the lovely color, on top of primer, after sanding, and deep cleaning. It is my second day working on the cabinetry. The bottom half is almost done, and I now have one more door to paint, before I tackle the upper cabinets. If the weather stays as dry as it is, I should be done by the end of Saturday. By the way, that is the great thing about this area. Winter air is so dry, that paint dries in the blink of an eye. I hear summers are, shall we say, SLIGHTLY more humid here! I have chosen lovely knobs and handles for the cabinets, but they will have to come up last. Once that is done, I will give a fresh coat of paint to the window trims, and baseboards, and the kitchen will look wonderful, which will undoubtedly make the living room and dining room look terrible, since they still have that lovely shade of brown that the previous inhabitants of the house seemed to be very fond of. You have guessed what I will be doing starting Sunday.

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