Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have great news, Skye, my little pixie, who recently lost her first tooth, started reading yesterday. We were sitting on the couch, we picked a new reader book that she had not seen before, and there she did it, she read, "Dan sat in the van"! I screamed, "Skye, you're reading!" All the kids came running, and we all sang "Happy reading day to you", a reading version of happy birthday to you. She was so proud, and so were we. Rolfe brought a book back for her as a present, a Dick and Jane book. She started reading it last night with my help. She did not want to go to sleep, she wanted to keep reading!

I did not have time to arrange my yarn yesterday, but I did have time to realize that I do not have the yarn I need for my next sock project! How surprising, right? That means we will have to make the time to go the yarn store today. For these socks, I need very particular colors, a maroon and a golden yellow. I've given it away, have I not? It will be a Harry Potter sock of my own design.

I have very serious fans of Harry Potter at home. Alexandra just finished rereading the whole series for the "nth" time (I lost track of the number of times after the 4th), and told me yesterday, she might have to reread all the books before the new one comes out, just to brush up! Paul-Hugo is on book 4, and Sheridan is on book 3. Sheridan won't read the book at night because it scares him, so he reads in the early morning hours while I write.

I hear about Harry Potter all the time, and because the new book comes out in the summer, it will be too hot for a scarf, so socks will be easier to wear, in particular if I can find the right colors in a less wooly material. I am considering Fixation .

Meanwhile, the Rose Garden sock has a heel, and an almost finished gusset. The Rose Garden socks will be finished before I start the Harry Potter socks. Talking about finished patterns. Rachel, at the Knitting Pattern Central , added the Mini Sock pattern to her list of free knitting patterns. I love her site, and have found great projects, and inspiration there. What a great way to bring everyone's creativity together.

Lastly it is going to be Mother's Day on May 13, and I have been thinking about a great knitted gift. If you are thinking socks, you are wrong! The projects will be quick to make, and my goal is to have the pattern posted by the end of the week so that you may start working, and get the lovely presents ready on time.

Well, now that I have promised finished Rose Garden socks, Harry Potter socks, and a Mother's Day project, I'd better get to work!

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