Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Storms and Roses

The weather has been very stormy here since Sunday. When I say very stormy, this may be an understatement. Rain has been pouring, yes, but the winds! They hit the house, and make windows shake so much that I expect them to be pushed in! Needless to say, that it has been a little harder to sleep. I would not say I have been scared, no, I have been terrified!

I have to go to the post office today, and I have to drop the bichon at the groomer's. One thing is for sure, by the time we get home, he will not be any cleaner than he was when I dropped him there!

Let's talk about serious things, ie my knitting! I hope you will try the sock pattern for the Ostrich Fantasy Sock. I am still working on the Rose Garden Sock, and hopefully will soon have something to show you. I decided the sock would not have an all over pattern but rather that one pattern would become the focus of attention. I placed the pattern on the side, almost like a rose espalier. I am about to turn the heel, after I take care of the gusset I have to decide whether I want to extend the pattern in partial form down the foot. I told you I was thinking of adding embroidery to the sock. I am pretty sure there will be little delicate French knot roses, in contrasting yarns. The roses will be on the leg only, as I do not think it would be comfortable to have little French knots inside one's shoe.

Isn't the life of a knitter fun? Get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, and in the quiet hours of the early morning write about knitting, and share ideas with friends.

After I come back from the groomer's today, of course completely "socked", and we are finished with our school work for the day, I am going to arrange my stash in the living room's hutch, instead of keeping it in yucky boxes in the basement. Who knows, I may even knit something other than a sock!

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