Monday, May 21, 2007

Baby Time

My cousin is expecting a 4th baby. At the news, I dropped everything I was working on, and started designing something for the baby. I love knitting the tiny little newborn clothes. I actually like knitting the newborn size, because I remember when I had my babies, and all I had to dress them were these gargantuan clothes in which they got lost. So for this little baby, I am knitting something newborn, out of cotton, because the baby will be born in July in Jerusalem. I chose the loveliest cotton, Mango, by Bouton D'or . Mango is a 50% cotton, 50% Modal, and is a fine gauge yarn perfect for delicate babies. This cotton is fabulous because it does not split as you knit. The colors I chose are Melon, and Plume (feather). I chose to knit slippers and a tiny T.

I am done with the slippers. I was carrying them in my hand on the train, going to Windsor Button for a matching ribbon, and every person that saw them stopped me to ask me about them. Maybe I should just have another baby so that I have an excuse to knit more of them! You know in all possible colorways... I am now working on the tiny T in the same colors, and stitch pattern.

I'll post both patterns to the blog as soon as they are ready. For the time being, here is a picture of the Mango delight.

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