Monday, April 28, 2008

Mondays are for...

Today was a really rainy day, which after the absolutely glorious weather we had last week, made everyone in the house pretty unhappy. The kids spent the afternoon staring at the windows. The boys finally gave up waiting for the weather to improve and took the dog for a long walk anyway.
Homeschooling was great this morning. PH zoomed through his equation solving, Sh through his angle measurements and S through her divisions. Reading was great, science perfect, writing went smoothly, spelling was a breeze, and we had a great discussion on the nature and history of anti-semitism. Why am I telling you all this? Because when everything goes smoothly, I get a lot of knitting done. Remember yesterday's picture of the Sophia sweater for S., well the back is done, and I am half way done with the left front!
The pattern (Ella Rae Book 4, Sophia Pattern) is so far really nice. I made a slight change for the last 6 rows of the back piece. I knit in plain stockinette instead of continuing the eyelet stitch pattern. I thought that the eyelets at the shoulder seam might gape a little, so no more eyelets!
I should get a lot more done tonight... Only one load of laundry stands between me and my knitting!

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