Monday, May 5, 2008

Mission Accomplished

S.'s Sweater is FINISHED! I stayed up way too late last night adding the edging, and weaving in all ends. To motivate myself I put a classic on, Hithcock's Psycho. Let me tell you, you are not about to fall asleep watching this movie, you are actually so alert that you do not even make mistakes. I was so alert that I started listening with anxiety to every noise in our old victorian house, and when my husband called me to bed, I just about fainted I was so scared!

Let's talk about the sweater. I eventually decided on a crocheted edge, and here are my reasons. Speed was one of them, the fact that I could not put my hands on a long enough circular needle, the fact that I really like picot crochet edges, and that after trying a few things, I thought it really flattered the classic/romantic look of the sweater. I crocheted the edge in the same color as the body of the sweater as I thought it would complement the general simplicity of the sweater. The sleeves are also crocheted in the same stitch. I know that a lot of my friends are nervous about adding crochet to their work, but I really recommend it. Crochet being a little stiffer, it can add a nice firmness to the edge of a sweater, it is also really easy. Here is what I did: slip stitch 1, chain 3, slip stitch 1 in same space, slip stitch again but not into next hole, rather in following hole, and voila!
As the final touch I picked a little "Vichy" ribbon, and seamed it on.

I really recommend this sweater (Ella Rae, book 4, Sophia), as I said in my previous post the pattern is very nice, and with the added edging it takes on a classic look which I love for little girls.

So now that the sweater is done, it's on to another project. This time I am going to design something new. My oldest daughter has 2 cats who just love to lounge wherever she is. So the kitties will be the recipients of the new projects. My plan is to design a felted cat basket. I am very fond of chevrons and will be included them in the pattern. I picked the color, and of course having been on a binge of yellow and blue for my design studio, I chose colors in these very ranges.
I think they should create a lovely chevron.

The third news of the day, is that I have just agreed to work a few hours a week at my favorite local yarn store Windsor Button in downtown Boston. Considering how busy I have been with everything else this is kind of crazy, but I really could not resist. See I used to own a yarn store in California before we moved to Boston, and I miss it. I miss talking with people, and helping them with their projects, so when Susan ( the owner of the store) asked me if I was interested, I said yes. I even smiled all the way home I was so happy! Windsor Button is a huge store, with lots of great yarns in all possible gauges, and materials, as well as knitting accessories. They have a fabulous collection of sock yarns too! They also carry ribbons, beading supplies, sewing supplies, needlepoint and embroidery supplies. Considering that I like all these arts, I will be in heaven.


a blossom knits said...

The sweater is just beautiful! So is the yarn. Is that your yarn? I love the array of colors.

Jodi said...

Just beautiful! I love the all-over lace details, and the color is so cheerful and spring-y.

It sounds like Windsor Button is just the ticket for you.

Wool Winder said...

The sweater looks great! You chose just the right edging.

Kathleen said...

Caroline, I am so happy that your sweet little pixie get's to go to France with your parents. The sweater is a beauty. Wow, I can not imagine how the children have grown since I have seen them. Those Boston customer's at the Windsor Button are in for a treat with you working at the shop. I am so jealous.

Sharon said...

That's gorgeous! I love the color.

Honestly, I never even think about adding crotchet to my knitting...dunno why. But, you used it perfectly in this sweater. So sweet!

Oy, working at a yarn store? That sounds like it could get dangerous.

Heidi said...

This jacket is beutyful and I love the color! :o)