Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thoughts on the Cat Basket and Motherhood

Thank you for the nice feedback on S.'s sweater. The best of knitting it, was actually to see the glorious smile on S's faces as she saw it, and tried it on.

I started knitting on the cat basket last night, and as you can see, chevrons I said there would be, and chevrons there are. I decided to knit the bed in the round (no seams! which after my previous project will be a very enjoyable thing), and all in garter stitch as the thicker fabric will give the bed some added firmness.
I am working with 2 strands of lamb's pride worsted, held together, on a size 13 circular needle. I am so used to working with small needles that the switch to the large needles was odd, but my hands are now comfortable and knitting away.

What I like best about chevrons, apart from the fact that they look really great is that they allow you to do just that, knit away. Chevrons are an almost thoughtless pattern, and they make the knitting interesting. The stripes add a little fun, and I always find myself wanting to get to the next color.

I am about half way done with the sides... It's amazing how fast this kind of knitting goes. That means it will soon be time to think about my next project, or maybe I could just give the final push to the socks.
The pair of socks that I blogged about recently have become my subway project, so they have been growing, but since I have been staying at home a little more, their progress has been less impressive than I would like.

I am also busy working on this week's new colorways. This week's SockPixie colorways will be dedicated to the mothers of the world. Mothers are universal. Their love for their children, their care, and their hopes for them transcend all geographical, and political borders. Each colorway will be named with the word mother but in different languages. The colors that will accompany each name will be an interpretation of the colors that come to my mind when I think of each region.
I can hardly wait for Sunday to show them to you...

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Wool Winder said...

Are you planning to felt the cat bed? I like the colors.