Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesdays are for Planning

Today was more a day of planning than a day of actual progress on any of my projects.

The cat bed has grown quite a bit, and is a little less than a repeat away from having finished edges. In response to Woolwinder, yes the basket will be felted. I think felting it will give it the body and sturdiness it needs, and make it safe for little claws. I have not yet decided how the base of the basket will be knitted. Should I continue the chevron, of switch to a simple one color base, preferably knit with one of the darker colors in the pattern, which will help hide the results of dirty paws?

In the felted category, I have yet another project that needs just a final touch. I knit these slippers for A. my oldest daughter. I used a Fiber Trends pattern, and Ella Rae Classic Wool in a really warm, luscious chocolate brown color. I had a lot of fun shaping them. I just need to attach 2 buttons, and a little bit of elastic, and they will be done. The only problem is that the buttons I had purchased for it have gone missing since I started organizing my studio. Isn't it funny that as long as things are stored in the wrong places, they can be found easily, but as soon as they are put away in the right place they are basically lost?

I am still working on my studio, and today picked the color for the hutch. It was red, and it will become Pear Green to match the little bit of green that will be in the curtains. The curtains for the bookshelves are up, and my next job is to orgnize the shelves. Maybe I will start the painting of the hutch tomorrow.

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