Sunday, October 26, 2008

Point Reyes Natural Colors

This week, like last week, I decided to create SockPixie colorways using natural dyes. I collected salvia leaves from my yard to create beautiful greens, mushrooms, acorns, and gathered red cabbages from our little vegetable garden. The colors reminded me of our trips to Point Reyes when we used to live in California.
I have so much fun with the process. There is something undeniably magical about it. When I dye with chemical dyes, I know which color I can obtain. But with natural dyes, the first steps are always a sort of miracle. I collect local plants, guessing at their color potential, I extract the pigments, and then the moment of truth when I plunge the yarn in the dye bath, and see the colors appear!
I hope you will enjoy this week's magic...

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Beautiful colors again. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the yarn I ordered from the great colors last week.