Sunday, November 2, 2008

On the Eve of a Presidential Election...

Voting has always been a special moment for me. In particular since I became an American citizen. Voting, as a woman is also very meaningful to me. I became familiar with the vibrant suffrage movement in the US while studying at Smith College. I became so engrossed in the history of this incredible grass root movement, that I made it the topic of my PhD dissertation. So today, as we approach the presidential election, it only seemed natural that I should remember the great women whose tireless work gave me, as a woman, the right to vote. Each SockPixie colorway this week commemorates the work of a woman reformer. There are so many great women that I could not create a colorway for each, but I am grateful to all of them. I created colorways that reflected their personalities. The colorways range from soft variegates, to monochromatic variegates, and all involve an overdye process over a natural base dyed with acorns. I really like the glow that the acorns give each color.
I hope that you will enjoy tonight's colorways, and I want to wish you a happy voting on Tuesday.

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Nell said...

Amen, sister! And as an Amherst girl, you couldn't have picked a better place to study in the states.