Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mysterious Colorways

This weekend, I found my inspiration in the most unexpected place. I remembered the covers of my favorite mystery writer Agatha Christie.
The colors were so unique, mesmerizing an mysterious.

There are 7 Agatha Christie colorways, all variegated, in both yarns, and rovings.

A little taste of the collection with Destination Unknown:

If you are like me, you might like to knit an read at the same time, so why not grab an Agatha Christie mystery and knit!


Monika said...

You are killing me here! I should not come and look, when I know I can't buy. :o) Too gorgeous, and a wonderful idea!

Heather said...

Oh gosh! I adore it when dye jobs are done by inspirations to art!

That yarn looks astounding! So beautiful! Also the art choice is lovely!