Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine's Day Colorways

As Valentine's Day is approaching, I tought I would dedicate this week's colorways to famous real and mythical couples.

Here is Lucy and Ricky:

Happy Valentine to you all.


ellen said...

You are amazing. I think that I have mentioned how much I love your connecting yarn to art. It just blows me away. I will have to go back on your space and see all of the artists you have connected to with your lovely colors.
Weeping with joy for yarn and art..e.

Diana said...

Hello Sockpixie! I met Mr. Sockpixie on the T, the day after Christmas! I was (of course) knitting socks(Grumperina's Jaywalkers; so appropriate to do in Boston!), so he told me about your site. I'm sorry it took me so long to check it out, but I'm so glad I did. Your yarns are beautiful. I'm on a self-enforced yarn diet for right now, but I'll be checking back when I start adding to my stash again! :)
"Knit n Frog"

Enriqueta said...

Hi caroline!
I found a great new knitting store in Santa Rosa called Cast Away. I was telling my sister today how much I miss your store in Petaluma. Great to see you on the web. Rebecca and I have been elected to knit somethings for the silent auction at our school. Any ideas you might have please pass them on to me. I hope your family is well. Tell them all hello for me. Love, Enriqueta