Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knitting Marathon

I was sitting with the children, homeschooling, and knitting the Retro Cardi for Grown Girls when the phone rang about 30 minutes ago. It was my dear friend L.

She was calling with the most wonderful news! They just got a call from social services. There are adopting a little boy. He will be coming home on Friday! He is a 4 1/2 pound premie.

I am so happy for them. There is no greater joy than a new baby. Which also means, that I have until Friday to have something ready for the baby.

The idea is a top dow cardigan, in a worsted weight, washable of course, and ultra soft... This is what I found in my stash. This baby is a little spring baby. The colors remind me of little yellow crocus poking their noses out of the snow... This is a great oppotunity to design a quick knit for premies!

It is 2:11 p.m.. I am starting as soon as this post is done. The knitting marathon has started...


Carla said...

So exciting! A new baby and everyone's world turns upside down.
What a wonderful gift, knit heirlooms to be kept when outgrown.
I hope you'll post photos!
God bless your friends and their new son.

Susan said...

I think when you are excited for somebody who has been blessed with a newborn, you can knit so much love into a new heirloom quickly, even when you have deadlines for other knitted items! I can't wait to see your outcome.

Sharon V said...

How exciting for L and her family! Best wishes to them and their lives will be filled with joy, joy, joy!

With adoption, you get more than you give by double, at least. What big hearts they have and I wish them the best.

Good luck designing the perfect something for new baby boy.

Nathalie said...

This is so wonderful. I am sure your friends, will love what you knit for the baby.

A said...

L. and her family must be so happy! I'm sure you'll make something absolutely darling for their new son!

Monika said...

How very sweet! :o)