Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Green Rhapsody

I have been feeling that spring is coming, the bulbs in my garden are even coming up!
The only color I want right now is green. For this Sunday's SockPixie store update I am creating a Spring Green Rhapsody!

While the yarns are drying, here is a Green Button Rhapsody!


Dag said...

Great cheerful photo!
ps. just "discovered" your blog and really like it! I had to put you in my blogroll right away!

Nathalie said...

I can hardly wait for Sunday. Green is my favorite color!Your button picture is stunning.

A said...

Absolutely stunning photography, as usual!!!!

Monique said...

Just came from visiting and she was also talking "green". Guess it's just that time of year when we just can't wait to see some of it!

Monika said...

Too bad you don't dye fiber right now. I'm on a yarn diet, and only buy fiber. Green is my favorite color. I'll still look though. :o)

Love the buttons!

SockPixie said...

Thanks for your comments!