Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clothes for Baby, but what about me?

I love being pregnant. Maybe because this pregnancy is likely to be my last ,(5 children is a good number, and I am unfortunately not getting any younger,) I am enjoying this particular pregnancy in a completely new way for me.
There is only one issue, what to wear. That may sound very trivial, but I am down to 2 dresses that I can for the moment fit in. I went downtown yesterday to try to find some maternity clothes. I did find some very very expensive ones, and some not so expensive ones, but truly blah ones.
I shared my thoughts with Mr. SockPixie at breakfast. His answer was: "Make them!" He said: "You have the tools and the skills, make the clothes yourself!"
I love how he trusts that I can do anything!
So this morning I rummaged through all my fabrics, and of course made a real mess in the process. But who cares about the mess, I have a mission: to make a dress today, that I will proudly wear tonight when our friends come over for dinner.
I am excited about the idea, but at the same time I have the image of Lucille Ball in my mind, you know in the episode where Ricky tells her she cannot spend any more money, and she has to make her dress herself, and perm her hair herself!

I might just pop an I Love Lucy DVD in while I sew this morning!

But let's be serious now. I have picked the fabric, a light cotton.

I love the colors and the patterns. Now I have to decide on a shape! Tomorrow, I'll let you know if I pulled a Lucy!


Keukenprinses said...

make Thai trousers with elastic band in the waist and enough flap on the sides to fit untill you are like a tank. They are comfy and wonderful to wear, and even elegant. Remember to take enough space for the crouch seam because your belly will pull it up, eventually.
Some nice t-shirts (cheap) with some fabric from the trouser on it will make it a pair.
Also wonderful to wear now are the shirts with Vshaped neckline and flap-overs both ways. If made from knitted materials they'll go a long way, also after birth ideal if you want to breastfeed!

Susan said...

The colors are pretty. Looking forward to the finished product!