Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Bit of Crochet: A Newborn Jacket

I tried my hand at a little summer crochet jacket for Mini SockPixie. I found this great pattern: Bombay Love.
I thought it would be perfect for the early fall days, when it is a little colder, but not yet cold enough for wool.

I used some left over Cotton Fleece yarn I had sitting in my stash. Boy! Crochet is fast! I was done with the little jacket in a few hours. The whole project was so easy and relaxed, and the best part is, it is all in one piece. No seams!

For the button, I used a small wooden toggle. And look what I found at JP Knit and Stitch! A fun fabric that will make perfect little pants!

I have decided to have fun with this baby boy, and make colorful clothing for him. And who knows, maybe the love of color will stay with him when he grows up!

2 comments: said...

Very cute jacket, and the fabric too! It's fun to dress the little ones. Once they get older, they have their own mind as what to wear.

Year at the Op Shop said...

Wow it's beautiful!
Your toggle clasp is different to the pattern link, how did you do it? I am only a crochet beginner.