Monday, May 2, 2011

One More Crochet Bombay Love Newborn Jacket

I like the pattern for the Bombay Love Jacket so much, I made another one using more left over Cotton Fleece, this time in a periwinkle blue, trimmed with burgundy.

I found the cutest button for it. I know the button is a flower, and the baby will be a boy, but I just liked it so much!

I am going to sew little pants too. The fabric is simple  mostly burgundy red, with simple dark periwinkle, and subtle orange stripes.
I am a little behind on my sewing though. I had better get started on them!


Jan & Natalie said...

This looks fantastic.

I've just started knitting and would like to learn to crochet but don't know where to begin.

Would something like this little jacket be difficult for me to start with? And do you know where I could get the pattern.

Thanks! Natalie

SockPixie said...

This would be a nice project to work on after you have mastered basic stitches.
Here is the link:

Happy crafting!

Susan said...

The buttons make this garment outstanding!!